9 April 2007

Pineapple Morukootan

Summer's arrived here and so have all the yoghurt based curries. It is somehow very enjoyable to have a yoghurt based curry with steamed rice on a warm summer noon. I had pineapple on hand and thought pineapple pulisheri. Wait a minute, we never made pulisheri at home. It was not made by any family member either. I had only heard the terms pulisheri and errissery but had no clue what it was. I was told it was made in South Kerala region. My grandma did give me a recipe for pulisheri but it was the same as morukootan. Can anyone help me with the differences between pulisheri /morukootan /errisseri /kaalan ??? Well, whatever the difference, we thoroughly enjoyed it. This is my entry to Green Blog Project hosted by Mandira. (Thanks for hosting Mandira!) No, I didn't grow pineapples, but I do grow the curry leaves which I use in tempering my curries, in chutneys etc. I do believe my home grown curry leaves have a lovely aroma than the huge store bought ones. Touchwood, it's the only plant has survived the harsh Middle East summers and always given me a steady supply of leaves.

To make the morukootan:

- Clean, chop into dices and cook 1 cup of pineapple (I added a tsp of sugar while cooking the pineapple.) You can also substitute with equal amount of mango, nendran pazham/banana, white pumkin/kumbalanga, yam/chenna or tomato.
- Grind together ¼ coconut grated, ¼ tsp cumin, 2 green chillies into a fine paste.
- Mix 1 cup curd with salt and turmeric and keep aside.
- In a pan, mix together the cooked pineapple/vegetable, coconut paste, and curd and cook till it starts boiling around the corners. Stir well and do not allow the curd to separate by over cooking. Remove from the flame.
- To temper, heat some oil and add ¼ tsp mustard seeds, ¼ tsp cumin, 2 red chillies broken and a handful of curry leaves and allow it to crackle. Pour over the morukootan and serve with steamed rice.

Here's a sneak peak at my tulsi/holy basil, methi -it died during a sandstorm :(- and this flowering plant thechi poovu –don't know the English name.

Do take a look at the Safety Moment here and leave your comments and suggestions there. I am taking a blogging break, will be back soon! See ya!


Prema Sundar said...

Pineapple Morukktan ... Adding pineapple to a curry is new to me JO. Yes adding the home grown curry leaves in cooking is sure different from the store bought ones. We had 2 trees in our house in chennai... my mom uses a lot of curry leaves in her cooking and here I used to count the store bought ones and use it.
Oh poor tulsi.... I think the flower is then poovu, I remmeber pucking those flowers and sucking their stem and u get a sweet juice from it. Is it that one?

Asha said...

How lucky!I tried growing Curry leaves plants but it died.It needs constant warm temp I guess.It's 20F now in the mornings!:D

Kootan looks great J, I love all the Yogurt based curries.

I will re-send the Knives safety for 'Kitchen Tools' when you announce it next time,don't worry:)
Take a break and come back:))

Mishmash ! said...

Jyothsna, pineapple morukottan is very popular in kerala...just like we use banana, yam and mango, we use pineapple too...pulissery 7 morukoottan, for me its made with sour & beaten curd, kaalan is made only with ground coconut mixture but erissery is totally different from all this...we use roasted grated coconut to it , so the colour is not yellow at all. Did I confuse u more ?

Seema said...

Jyo, This pineapple recipe is very very knew to me. I am sure it would taste tangy and yummy. Leave summer arriving Spring has also not yet arrived for us :-(

Sharmi said...

hey Jyo,
The morukootan looks so yummy. I loved the pics of your plants. surely they have come out well.


Jyothsna said...

Yes, Prema, adding pineapple is something I learnt after coming to the Middle East. Back home, we used veggies and mango/banana on occassions. My tulsi is doing well, but its the methi that can't stand the climate changes here. :(
Ya, thats the poovu :)

Yes, Asha I do feel proud of my curry leaf plant I bought 3 years ago. Thrives here!!! Everything else has a very short life, or maybe I just don't have a green thumb :(

Shn, Thanks for clarifying. In the Palakkad side, I don't remember anyone making pulishery or errissery. Morukootan and kaalan are popular. Kaalan is a thick version of morukootan we make for vishu and onam. I'm not aware of it being made differently. Using pineapple is something I came to know in the middle east. And we don't use very sour curds in morukootan, no one will touch it then :)

Seema, I think you'll like this curry, try it. Personally we don't prefer very sour curds in it. Summer's here and I'm dreading the time temperatures will touch 50 deg C.

Thanks Sharmi, it is a pleasure watching plants grow.

Coffee said...

I just read the title and then my eyes met GREEN BLOG PROJECT!!!!!! For a moment I reallly thought that you grew pineapples !!!!! Hahahaha

The curry sounds great!!!! YEah I agree with you.... warm curry with steamed rice!!! BLISS!!!!

Reena said...

Jyothsna, Pineapple morukoottan looks nice. I don't know the difference between Pulissery and Moru koottan and I always thought Moru koottan is another name for Pulissery in North Kerala.

I think Kalan is almost similar to Morukootan but coconut is a must for Kalan whereas optional for Morukootan.

Now Erisseri is totally different. As shn said it has roasted coconut.

Sandeepa said...

For a moment I though you grew the pineapples ;-)

Lovely plants. The flowering one is edible ? I want to grow curry leaves and methi too, but my kitchen is the place which gets max sunlight in winter and its getting crowded with all those pots

Sia's Corner said...

thats a visual treat to see lush green curry leaves growing so beautifully. i use them in almost every recipes. the aroma n flavour they add to any simple dish is quite enticing:)

KitchenFairy said...

Pineapple Morukootan looks good.
I will share my knowledge abt that..
Erissery:-Using Yam ,Pumpkin and red chowry,In that we never add Yoghurt,we add both ground coconut and Granish with Roasted Coconut.
Morukootan ,Pulissery and Kalan belongs to same family.
For me Pulissery and Kalan preparations are same..but pulissery means we use fruits like banana,Orange,Mango,Papaya...
In Kalan we use vegetables like Yam,pachakaya..
Can U agree with me??

Mandira said...

Look at the gorgeous curry plant. The pineapple morukkutan looks super delicious Jyothsna. Thank you for participating in GBP. Stay tuned for the roundup.

Roopa said...

wow the nice greenery around you! it looks so lovely to see the curry leaf plant!
The pineapple koot looks very nice too!

bee said...

ok, i have to prepare this now. i love this dish, and the version with ripe mangoes.

sra said...

Hi Jyothsna, pineapple curries are new to me, though I've tasted pineapple rasam earlier. We used to call that plant 'ixora'- it used to come in red, white and pink as well. Like Prema said, they used to have nectar in the stems. Thank you both, for the memory!

Mishmash ! said...

Happy Vishu :)

Sharmi said...

hey Jyo, Wish you happy vishu!!

Reena said...

Wishing your family and you a very happy Vishu:)

Sushma said...

wow thats a new recipe for me.. addiing pineapple would be giving a good tangy sweet taste..

I would definitely be participating in next safety tip event

Kajal said...

Hi Jyotsna,
Good presentation with nice picture.
Pineapple Morukootan is new for me. But I am sure it is very taste.
Thanks for sharing.
I also have same home grown curry leaves.
Take care.

mallurecipes said...

morukuttan !!!
nice combo with pineapple.
I heard of mango this is new to me,
good recipe!!!