23 October 2007

Meeting in the real world and my four-in-one life!

Blogging has it's surprises, like meeting a blogger in flesh and blood. I've often associated bloggers with those I've known or met, conjured up an image from what they portray on their blogs and wondered what they look like in person. Hop over to her blog and you instantly know she's charming and talkative, loves to entertain, enjoys cooking and her photography skills are far superior to most others. She's passionate about blogging and gives us insights into life in Weimar, Germany where she lives with her family. She's one daring baker and invites us every month for a mingle at her place. What's more, she even conducts Bollywood Cooking sessions!! Yes, I'm talking of Meeta, attractive, vivacious, multi-talented and warm and the first blogger I've met in person. I also met her son, Soeren who features in every post she writes and her mother. Meeta is here in Sharjah visiting her parents. Meeta, it was great meeting you! Hopefully, we'll catch up on more next time you are here!
Sra of When my soup came alive tagged me for this Fantastic Four meme (thanks Sra!), so here goes!

4 Places I’ve lived:

I've lived only in Mumbai, India and Sharjah, UAE.... wonder where life will take me next.

4 Jobs I’ve had:

1. During babyhood - the boss. Could eat, sleep, laugh or cry at will. The coolest job ever!
2. Student life - Rocking career, fun and frolic all the way!
3. Working life - Real world job for real money, loved it.
4. Currently - Chef, laundrywoman, dishwasher, homekeeper, interior decorator all rolled into one, on call 24/7, unpaid, lacklustre job.

4 Favorite places I’ve holidayed:

1. Maldives - for the sun, sand and sea, the most beautiful place I've been to
2. Switzerland - for the mountains, lakes, meadows, villages, chocolates and cheese
3. UK - for the history, the countryside, the underground
4. The Far East trio: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore for great food and affordable shopping

4 Favorite foods:

Thats so hard to decide but my favourite cuisines are:
1. Indian - absolutely all kinds of Indian food
2. Italian
3. Indo-Chinese
4. Malaysian and Thai

4 Places I’d rather be:

1. Travelling around the world, hosting a travel show
2. At a beach, enjoying the waters by day and barbecuing at night
3. At a serene cottage in the countryside with lush green meadows, colourful flowers and chirping birds
4. In a shopping mall, finding fantastic bargains

4 bloggers I like to tag:

9 October 2007

Aloo Anardhana

What do you think of the painting and sculpture? Read more about it later in this post.
Aloo Anardhana
Recipe adapted from an old issue of Living in the Gulf

10 baby potatoes (I used regular ones in this picture)
1 tsp cumin
1 large onion chopped
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste
2 tsp red chilli powder
1 tsp garam masala
2 tbsp anardhana/dry pomegranate seeds
butter/oil for frying
chopped coriander for garnish

Peel and wash the potatoes. Place the potatoes in a MW safe bowl, add a little water, salt and turmeric to it and microwave on high till parboiled. Remove and drain the water.

Blend pomegranate seeds with a little water. Heat oil/butter in a wok and add the cumin. When it splutters, add onions and fry till they turn golden-brown. Add the ginger-garlic paste and fry. Then add the pomegranate seeds paste, red chilli powder and garam masala. Add the potatoes and fry on low flame till the potatoes are cooked and the flavours are absorbed. All the moisture will be absorbed by the potatoes. Garnish with coriander leaves, check seasoning and serve with naans.


The legend of Wilhelm Tell

Wilhelm Tell, who lived in Altdorf, is regarded the national hero of Switzerland whose picture graces the 5-franc coin. Switzerland was once ruled by the Austrians. Bailiff Gessler, the Austrian representative would place his hat on a pole in Altdorf so that every passer-by would pay their respects by greeting the hat. Wilhelm Tell and his son passed by without revering the hat. This disobedience warranted their arrest and Gessler offered to free them if Wilhelm Tell shot an arrow through an apple placed on his son's head. Read more of the story here and here.

The painting and sculpture at the top of this post are made of chocolate, we saw how at Schuh. And so are these.

Don't you agree a holiday is a welcome break from the routine? Walking miles exploring the countryside and tucking into all the healthy C's like colas, chips, crackers, cookies, cheese, cakes, chocolates......... and all that sum up to the big C = calories, is perfectly my kind of holiday! ;) What's yours? :-)