3 September 2008

Savoury Appams

A holiday, illness and laziness later I was craving to have a deep fried something that wouldn't require me to slave over the stove too much. With idli batter in the fridge and a few other ingredients to bring in colour, appams, a childhood favourite was ready in minutes. This savoury version also called uppu-appams are equally popular as the sweet version called nei-appams. A special cast iron/non-stick pan with moulds called the appam pan/ aebleskiver pan is used to give the appams a round shape.

You'll need:
1 1/2 cups idli batter
2 or more green chillies minced
a sprig of curry leaves
a handful of coriander leaves
a carrot finely grated
2 tsps finely chopped red bell pepper
3 tbsps onion finely chopped
a few peppercorns
oil for frying

Chop the green chillies, coriander and curry leaves finely. Add all the ingredients to the idli batter and mix well. The batter already has salt, so there is no need to add more. Place the appam pan on the stove and pour 1 1/4 spoon oil into each mould. Let the oil heat well, turn down the flame and drop spoonfuls of batter into each mould. Allow it to cook through and turn and fry the appams evenly on all sides. Serve hot appams with coconut chutney or ketchup.



Divya said...

Happy Ganesh chaturthi! :)
Those look amazing...

Dibs said...

Jyothsna - Thanks for visiting. I seem to have been here before ..remember the great interface! I like the way you have categorised food by state. Nice work. Appams look yum!

Arundathi said...

these look great - gonna have to try it - thanks!

Asha said...

Hi J, how are you? Just read your comment at Aroma. I think you missed reading my latest post at FH! :D


Appams looks amazing.Hope you had a good Ganesha celebration.I forgot it was y'day until I saw so many posts and made Jamoons quickly! HeHe!

Take care, hugs!:))

Mallugirl said...

is this the same as paniyarams? i am a recent convert to this form of idli.:)

Jyothsna said...

Divya - Thanks. Enjoy the festivities!

Dibs - Thanks for all those words :)

Arundathi - They're quite easy.

Asha - Hey nice to see you!Read your FH post later. You have fun re-doing your place and drop by sometimes. Take care :)

Mallugirl - Yes, I think they are called paniyarams in Tamil.

Aparna said...

I love these "Uppappams" as we call them. And a great way to use up the last bit of dili batter.
Belated Chathurthi wishes.

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaa.. i want that pan now!! there are too many tantalising recipes using this for prep!!!!

thanks for stopping at Escapades and taking the time to comment on the post

Anonymous said...

Hi Jyothsna:
Fabulous and thank you for visiting!

Love these appam! m always makes idli and I will ask her to make these.
... and we also have a cast iron appae "kayili" we brought many years ago.

Time to break it in, right?

And wishing you and your family and wonderful
Ganesh Chaturthi!


Susan from Food Blogga said...

You know, I had never seen a pan like that,but someone else recently posted on one too. I can't remember who though. They seem like a great pan to have though.

Nags said...

paniyaram :) they look nice and chubby. great idea for a lazy day!

Jyothsna said...

Aparna - Yep, we call them uppappams too.

Arundati - Oh the pan has many good uses :)

Arun - Yes, time to put the pan to good use! :)

Susan - The nice part is you don't have to worry about shaping things round!

Nags - Chubby??:))

SriLekha said...

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Seena said...

Hi how are you Jyo?
Avocado parathas seems really yum.love this appams too, have never changed from sweet version.. :)

TheKeyBunch said...

These are my family's all time fav. I can have them for all the 3 meals :)yummmm

! ky said...

hey thats kulzhi paniyaram...
nice blog keep them comin..

Susan said...

They look sooooo delicious. I've had idlis and vadas, but not appams.

I know how illness, holidays and laziness can set you back. : P