12 September 2007

Lime Rice

You need:

2 cups cooked rice
1 tsp mustard seeds
½ tsp chana dal
½ tsp urad dal
3-4 green and red chillies
a handful of peanuts a handful of cashews
a sprig of curry leaves
1 tsp turmeric
salt to taste
juice of one lime

Heat a tsp oil + a tsp ghee in a pan. Add the mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add the peanuts and allow it to cook. Add the cashews, chana dal and urad dal and stir fry till they turn red. Add the curry leaves and chillies and fry till the chillies change colour. Add the rice, turmeric, lime juice and salt and mix well. Serve hot with rasam/yoghurt.

1 comment:

Aparna said...

This is a tasty yet easy to put together variety of rice.
A great way to use up left over rice too.:)