10 September 2007

How safe is your food?

Ever given a thought how safe your food is? Take this little quiz below.

1. Where should you put an open jar of jam?
A. In the fridge B. In the cupboard C. Sometimes in the fridge, sometimes in the cupboard – look on the manufacturer’s label

2. How long can leftovers be left at room temperature?
A. 30 minutes B. 2 hours C. 4 hours

3. What is the correct way to thaw frozen chicken?
A. Place in a warm room B. Immerse in a sink of hot water C. Place in a refrigerator

4. What temperature should your fridge be kept at?
A. 0 – 5 deg Centigrade B. minus 5 to 0 deg Centigrade C. 5 – 8 deg Centigrade

5. What is your pet peeve regarding food safety?

If you wish to add something on food safety or contribute an article or your views on it, you may leave a comment or mail me. Have a nice day!

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