26 February 2007

Knock-knock! Someone's at the door….

…. And that's me.:) I've been blog hopping, if that's a word. Reading recipes of fellow bloggers and trying them out within the confines of my tiny kitchen. Not too difficult when someone else has painstakingly tried and tested the recipe to perfection and blogged a step-by-step pictorial presentation of the same. Sometimes I add my own twist to the recipe, sometimes it's cooked per se and sometimes I take pictures. Did you read "sometimes"?! Yeah, my endeavours turned out well and the dishes were gobbled up before I could reach for my camera….!

So here are those delicious treats which deserve a thumbs-up, my small way of telling all you wonderful cooks, YOU ROCK!!!!

Tandoori Vegetables from Coffee's Khazana of recipes. Tried and tested over and again. Recently made it with bell peppers, onions and chicken, this recipe is for keeps!

Vazha Chundu Cutlets from My Treasure, My Pleasure. Annita came up with a wonderful idea of using banana flowers in cutlets. Nope, didn't tell what the cutlets were made from until they were wiped clean!! Too bad, I don't have a picture…

Hara bhara kebabs from Seema's Recipe Junction. I added green peas which is the only variation to the recipe. A good way to have greens. Did I hear someone say 'loaded with fats'… Munched away watching the Dubai Open Tennis, photos totally forgotten!

Spanakopita from Porcini Chronicles. Hey, now I know some Greek cuisine! The tastebuds loved it! Now I have to hide in shame, I didn't take pictures of this either!


Mishmash ! said...

that was funny :) I wish u had more pics for us !!

Asha said...

Great dishes to select and cook!:)) Guess what J! I have step by step Spanakoita too and loved it.Check it out in recipe Index,"appetizer".

Sandeepa said...

Wish you had pics for all the other foods too...All that makes my mouth water though, the pics would do god knows what

swapna said...

great work dear!!i too posted some fellow bloogers recipes today!!
wish u have had the pictures too..don't let anybody to touch the plate until u took a picture of them!!!:-D

KitchenFairy said...

I loooove You dear!Lock ur kitchen door until u took a picture of them or keep that in microwave ..But again aroma is the problem.I am not in mina otherwise i would keep that for u and return the empty plate for u and ur hus..

Sia's corner said...

he he he J. the name itself sounds too good. good thing u didn't post the pic too;) thats coz i don't think i would have had will power to sit in my office any longer after seeing all those pics;)

Susan said...

What a lovely gesture. They all sound delicious!

Prema Sundar said...

Blog hopping- nice word ...U sure have selected lovely dishes..

Jyothsna said...

Shn, thanks! Wish I had those pics too!

Asha, Thankyou. I had seen the making of Spanakopita on TV and then tried it. Yep, checked yours now. Its a great appetizer isn't it!

Sandeepa, thanks.:) The sight of food always makes me hungry!

Swapna, same pinch! Next time, I'll take pictures. :)

Kitchenfairy, good idea :). And I'll give you a bite only if you bring me fishcurry!! ;D

Supriya, you better focus on your work than on food!! Your boss will be watching! :)

Susan - Thankyou so much! You bet, all those bloggers churn out such delicious food!

Prema, thankyou.

Hema said...

Happens all the time with me. In fact after eating all that was on the plate and more, my hubby asks why I didnt take a picture? Nice patrolling from your side.

just for fun said...

Great dishes to cook.

Seema said...

Good pick from all the blogs and loved the thondoor veg/chicken picture. I am glad you tried hara bhara kababs and adding matar sounds interesting.

lera said...

Jyothsna It looks delicious,Nice choice of a recipe...:)

Jyothsna said...

Hema - Thanks. Ah, I have a buddy here huh? :)

Just for fun - Thankyou!

Seema - We really enjoyed the kababs dear! Hugs for a great recipe.:) I've been trying to leave a comment on your blog since the past few days, guess you'll have to read it here only!!

Lera - Thankyou so much!

Sushma said...

Came across your website and you have a wonderful recipes here..would love to visit more often..

Jyothsna said...

Thanks Sushma, do visit again.:)