1 February 2007


Pinnis are prepared in winter by Punjabis for the festival of Lohri. Pinnis are very nutritious, or so they say, since they are full of the goodness of ghee and dry fruits. Pinnis generally keep well for a week or two at the most but it is better if they are consumed soon. The recipe below is for large scale preparation of pinnis. As I was making them for the first time, I only made a small quantity, keeping the proportion of the ingredients the same. The original recipe called for 400 gm mava and 3 kopra/dry coconuts grated, both of which I omitted as I don't like kopra. Though it was my first try at it, we have already polished off an entire box of pinnis!!

1 kg wheat flour
¾ kg ghee
1 kg sugar
¼ kg slivered almonds and pistachios
100 gm gondh
¼ cup milk
Cardamom powder

Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a saucepan and add the gondh – it will expand. In another pan, heat the remaining ghee on low flame. Add the wheat flour to it spoon by spoon stirring continuously. Keep roasting till pink and aromatic. Add the gondh and mix well. Now mix in the gondh, pistachios, almonds, sugar and cardamom powder. Turn off the heat and make the pinnis when it is still hot. Take a small portion of the mixture, sprinkle a few drops of milk on it and make into a ball, then elongate it by pressing your wrist. Do the same till the entire mixture is used up. Store in airtight boxes.


jacob said...

wow, Jyothsna, lovely recipe. have to admit that i've never tried this dish. and your broccoli pasta sounds (and looks!) great. be back fro more.

swapna said...

hi jyothsna
dish is looking very interesting..will try soon

Anonymous said...

What is gondh? Can you please let me know.

Jyothsna said...

Jacob - Thankyou for visiting my blog. And do keep coming back!!

Swapna - Do try it, its really easy to make.

Rukmini - Gondh is an edible gum which makes the pinnis stick together. It is available in Indian shops.