19 February 2007

Very Berry Strawberry

The deep red color of strawberries can brighten up both the taste and aesthetics of any meal. Strawberries have higher levels of vitamin C, fiber, folate and potassium than most other fruits like bananas, apples and even oranges. Source:whfoods
Ever since Maheshwari announced "Strawberries" as the Fruit of the month, I've been trying various permutations and combinations with strawberries – jam, sauce, soup (yes, you read that right!), mocktails, shakes, sandwiches, cake…. Finally I decided to send in my entry for Strawberry Icecream. (Recipe source: Veena Kapoor)

For the Basic Icecream you need:
½ litre whole milk
3 tbsp + 1 tsp milk powder
1 tbsp + 1 tsp GMS powder
1/8 tsp CMC powder
7 tbsp sugar
1 tsp liquid glucose

Boil the milk. Remove ½ cup of milk and add milk powder, GMS, CMC and sugar and churn well. Add this to the remaining milk. Add the liquid glucose and oil the milk mixture for 5 minutes. Cool the milk stirring continuously. Pour it into a container with an air tight lid and freeze till set.
Note: Ice crystals should not form. The container must be air tight.

For the strawberry flavour:
1 cup heaped strawberry chopped
2-3 tbsp sugar – adjust according to sweetness of the berries
A drop of strawberry/rose essence

Cook the berries for 2-3 minutes with sugar, mashing continuously. Take the basic icecream from the freezer and cut into small pieces. Add ½ cup cream and churn till soft and fluffy. Add the berries and essence and churn for a minute. Pour into the container, cover tightly and freeze till set.


Sia's corner said...

aha jyothsna, now u r talking my kind of food;) i love icecreams and home ice creams r to die for. ur version sounds really good and delicious. love the pics:)

Mishmash ! said...

I used to make home made ice creams earlier, then stopped doing coz of obvious reasons ;) I like the second part of the recipe. Good one:)


LERA said...

Beautiful presentation!good day to you.

Asha said...

Strawberry is my fav ice cream flavor next French Vanilla! YUMMY!!:)

KitchenFairy said...

Icecream!!I love it..You made it at home?I never tried that.When we were small my mother used to make vanilla icecreams at home...yummy..Here we never go to that section because of my kids..they will get sick easily.

Jyothsna said...

Supriya - Thanks! This home-made icecream tastes and looks very much like the commercial ones. The texture is very good. Try it!

Shn - Thankyou. It's okay to indulge once in a while! :) If you ask me, I can give you obvious reasons why icecreams are good!!:)

Lera - Thanks for stopping by! Thankyou for your nice words and do visit again!

Asha - You love strawberry icecream?!! You are the first person telling me that!! People don't prefer the tangy taste of the berries. Guess what, next is Vanilla!!! Was going to post Vanilla first, but wanted to be in time for Mahe's AFAM.:) Vanilla icecream will follow soon! :)

Kitchenfairy - You must try this at home, turns out like the store bought ones. Oh, don't deprive your kids, once in a while its okay!!:):)

Pravs said...

Oh it's home made ice cream...!! Hey you should start selling them.. :) just kidding.

Sandeepa said...

The ice cream looks delicious and very nicely presented

swapna said...

Wow jyothsna
very creative..what are CMC and GMC powders?

Jyothsna said...

Pravs - :) yeah, shd start selling! Give Baskins a run for their money! Will you be my first customer??!!:)

Sandeepa - Thankyou. Come again for more icecreams!

Swapna - Thanks.

GMS = glycerol mono stearate are mono glycerides of fatty acids,
CMC = carboxymethyl cellulose. Did I scare you with those names???? :) Both are used as a thickening agent and emulsifiers in commercial production of icecream, their percentage being not more than 1%. I bought both those powders in India, probably its available in other countries too, I'm not sure.

Nidhi said...

Hey Jyothsna, my mouth is watering just by looking at your ice-cream. Ice-cream is my weakness and if it is strawberry, nothing like it. I remember, in India in hot summer afternoons, ice-cream wala use to come and we use to eat strawberry ice-cream even though they didn't had any strawberry in it, just a little bit of red color and some essence...but thats how crazy we (me and my siblings) were for it :D

Susan said...

Oh, I just adore strawberries in all forms. And strawberry ice cream just brings back sweet childhood memories. Thanks for the lovely recipe.

Jyothsna said...

Nidhi - I'm happy to see strawberry icecream lovers here! :) I remember summer holidays in my native village in Kerala where we eagerly waited for the icecandy man to come at noon and bought icecandies of assorted colours! I'd love to do the same even now!;)

Susan - Hi! Am glad that icecream has brought back sweet memories!!

just for fun said...

I love your very berry. Beautiful.

sailaja said...

Lovely! My 4 yr old would love that. So would I..:)

Chandrika said...

Jyothsna, first time here and I love it...Will keep coming back..The ice cream is so tempting!

Jyothsna said...

Just for fun - Thankyou so much.

Sailaja - Thanks! Do try it. Hope your little one likes it!

Chandrika - Welcome here! :) And do visit again.

RP said...

Sounds good. But what is GMS and CMC?

Jyothsna said...

RP - GMS = glycerol mono stearate are mono glycerides of fatty acids,
CMC = carboxymethyl cellulose. Don't get scared hearing that!! :) Both are used as a thickening agent and emulsifiers in commercial production of icecream, their percentage being not more than 1%. The use GMS and CMC greatly improves the texture of the icecream vis-a-vis use of cornflour/gelatine etc.

Gattina said...

your ice-cream is so beautiful!!!

Jyothsna said...

Thanks Gattina!

Anonymous said...

thankyou as I was searching for this recipe for yrs.mt friend had given me this recipe but I had misplaced..I didnt undersatnd the part where it is said "Add the liquid glucose and oil the milk mixture for 5 minutes."and y have u given "3 tbsp + 1" tsp milk powder
"1 tbsp + 1" tsp GMS powder..y have u put a "+"..
thanks a lot..

Anonymous said...


I live in New York. Where I will get GMS and CMC powder


Anonymous said...

I live in New York. where will I get GMS and CMC powder? Insted of that what can use