2 February 2007

Tiramisu Valentine

Going through my collection of recipes, I stumbled upon a "Date flavoured Tiramisu" recipe in an old copy of the Epicurean. I made a mental note to try it out sometime in the future. I had this recipe for a chocolate cake that I decided to bake. After making the batter I realized that my cake dish was too big and the batter too little! What resulted was a flattish cake!! So I ditched the idea of icing the cake and put it away in the fridge. I was not to be put down by this flop show. "Better convert it into something fancy ", my alter ego told me. My mind raced for ideas……. Of course, it was right there! The date flavoured tiramisu!!:) That evening I bought the ingredients required for the tiramisu. When I got home, hubby called to say he'd return really late from work. How about surprising hubby with a nice dessert, I wondered….I decided to bring my own touch to the recipe, so here's what I did…

For the chocolate sauce:
This is my addition…
¾ cup milk
1 spoon cocoa powder
3 spoons sugar
1 spoon cornflour
1 spoon cream/butter

Combine the milk, cocoa powder and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring continuously. There must be no lumps in it. Add the cream/butter and simmer. Mix cornflour in watermilk at room temperature and add to the sauce. Stir well and allow it to simmer till it reaches a slightly thick consistency.

For the date paste:
As per the original recipe
250 gm water
50 gm sugar
125 gm dates deseeded
Boil the above ingredients together for approximately 20 minutes and blend until smooth.

For the Tiramisu:
Original recipe modified by me
25 gm egg yolks
30 gm sugar
10gm water
125 gm Mascarpone cheese
125 gm whipped cream
60 gm lady finger biscuits (now I didn’t know where to find these, so I cut up my cake and used it!! :)

Beat the egg yolks till fluffy. Boil sugar and water. Pour the boiling water to the beaten egg yolk and continue beating till the mixture cools down. Add the mascarpone cheese slowly and beat it in. Add the whipped cream.

Coffee syrup:
Make one cup coffee/espresso with water, sugar and granulated coffee. Soak the cake in this.

To serve:
Pipe/spoon the chocolate sauce into 4 martini glasses (use any transparent serving dish). Now add a layer of date paste. Place the coffee-soaked cake over this. Pipe the tiramisu mixture on top of this. Again place the cake, then pipe the chocolate sauce and date paste, then the tiramisu over this. Alternate until the glass is full and finish with the tiramisu on the top. Dust with cocoa powder.
It's February and as love is in the air... I've christened my dessert "Tiramisu Valentine".
Ah, now off this goes to Meeta's Monthly Mingle #7: Sweet Love!.


swapna said...

wow jyothsna
what a wonderfull table..hmmmmmm enjoy..

KitchenFairy said...

Yes,Its really wounderful...I will come to your place to taste your specialities....

jacob said...

wow! looks very nice and totally beyond my cooking capabilities right now. :-)

Maheswari said...

thats' a great date flavoured tiramisu..i haven't tried tiramisu at home yet..will try soon...

Mallugirl said...

hi , i am new to ur site.. nice recipe u have going here.will have to try the tiramisu.

Asha said...

Hi J! i love tiramasu but never made it at home!Date flavored sounds great!:))

Jyothsna said...

Swapna - Thanks a lot dear!

Kitchenfairy - You are most welcome to my place!

Jacob - Thanks! Its really easy you know, you should try it.

Maheshwari - Can I call you Mahe? Try making tiramisu, its easy.

Shaheen - Thanks for visiting me! I need the expert comments from fantastic cooks like you.:)

Asha - I'm surprised you've never made tiramisu!! Try it. Dates+choc is a unique combo.:)

Mishmash ! said...

That was an interesting twist:) So did ur hubby like it ? :)


sailaja said...

That's a nice twist to a tiramisu with dates. Hope you guys enjoyed it.
Nice blog you have here, Jyothsna.

Trupti said...

Looks Great! Date flavored tiramisu is a nice twist!


Vaishali said...

Hey Jyothsna,
Thank you for dropping by at my blog.
I love Tiramisu as it is. With dates...even better. Btw, quite kind of you to surprise your late-from-work husband with a treat like that. I, normally, greet him only with a bad mood, when he is late. :(

Jyothsna said...

Shn - Hubby luvvved it! (wink)

Sailaja - Thankyou. Yep, we loved it!

Trupti - Thanks! Indeed, it's a good twist to the tiramisu.

Susan said...

By adding dates, you've just made the perfect dessert even better!
Thanks for this elegant dessert recipe.

Susan from Food "Blogga"

Sia's corner said...

hi jyotsna,
thanks for dropping comment in my blog coz it lead me to urs:) i must say u r quite clever to turn ur flat ordinary cake into something extraordinary beautiful dish. hope u guys had grat time savouring it;) and i must add pretty romantic setting too:)

Coffee said...

How come I missed you blog all this while.... hmmm....

Lovely twist to this heavenly dessert!!!! I am sure ur hubby would have enjoyed the nice surprise. :)

Jyothsna said...

Vaishali - :)Welcome here ! Nowadays I'm trying to replace bad moods with desserts like this!!! :)

Susan - Thanks dear! Hope you are in the pink of health now.

Sia - Welcome to Currybazaar! Well, all of us are good at kitchen disaster management aren't we??!! Yeah, yeah, we savoured the "cake" in new clothes!!

Coffee - Welcome to my blog! Yep, we enjoyed the twist to the tiramisu. Hoping to see ya more often here.:)

Prema Sundar said...

Thanks for dropping a comment in my blog..That was really a very innovative idea to turn out the cake into a wonderful dessert.. Hope u enjoyed...

Nidhi said...

Hey Jyothsna, I jumped here through your comment on my blog and I really liked your blog a lot. Your creations are beautiful and Tiramisu is my favourite. Will keep coming for more.
Cheers, Nidhi.

Jyothsna said...

Prema - Thankyou so much.

Nidhi - Thankyou and do keep coming here. :)

Pooja said...

Hi Jyotsna ,
"Date flavoured Tiramisu" is really nice. thanks for such a lovely contribution to my event. You have nice blog here, I wonder how i was still not awre of such a nice blog. thanks , you led me to your wonderful blog here. :)
(can you add some more details of having this specially made for youe loved one ? that would be nice to have some notes on it. )
Stay tuned.

Vini K said...

Hi Jyothsna,first time here.Came from Pooja's vaneltine roundup.Very nice twist to tiramisu indeed.I also sent in a tiramisu recipe for the valentine event.coincidence,isn't it?

Jyothsna said...

Hi Vini! Yeah, its a coincidence that both of us tried tiramisu, and it was the first time for both!:)

Shilpa said...

Hi Jyothsna, how original and what a coincidence! I recently bought dates because I wanted to make burfi or halwa, but never thought of a tiramisu! Wow, I'd bet it was good and sugary! :)